We are a family and need to support each other the

Marijuana found in vehicle that struck MILWAUKEE A pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle near 10th Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee Tuesday night, Feb. 11. The victim was identified as Joe Daniels, Keyes Dean of Business Administration at Marquette University a man who made a lasting impact in his 30 years onContinue reading “We are a family and need to support each other the”

Doctors also say parents shouldn’t panic because

linked illness afflicting children in the US LOS ANGELES pediatric patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles who tested positive for COVID 19 antibodies were showing symptoms of a rare autoimmune response doctors are calling Pediatric Inflammatory Multi System Syndrome or PIMS which is similar to the autoimmune condition known as Kawasaki Disease. “You could getContinue reading “Doctors also say parents shouldn’t panic because”

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